Constitution of FATG


President: Dr. Nancy Decker

Vice President: Anna Lohaus

Secretary: Peggy Boekhout

Treasurer: Dr Nancy Decker

Membership Chair: Melinda Zeliff


I. Name:

*The name of the chapter shall be the Florida Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German.

II. Purpose:

*The purpose of the Chapter conforms to that of the National Organization. It proposes to promote and improve the teaching of German in the area covered by this Chapter, and to encourage a spirit of cooperation and fellowship among its members.

III. Membership:

1. Any teacher of German or anyone interested in the teaching of German may join the Chapter and the National Organization upon payment of the annual dues as specified by the By-Laws of the National Organization. No one can be a member of the chapter only. All Chapter members belong first to the National Organization. Membership will be retained by the continued payment of the national and chapter dues.

2.The annual dues, which include subscription to the official publication of the National Association, are payable in January of the membership year for which they are intended. Only members in good standing may exercise the previliges of membership. Membership is for the calendar year.

3. Junior membership is defined as applying to graduate or undergraduate students who are certified by the Chairperson of their department.

4.A teacher who at the time of retirement has been a member of AATG for at least fifteen years may elect Emeritus membership. The dues for this type of membership are defined by the By-Laws of the National Organization.

5.Honorary membership in the AATG may be granted only in accordance with the stipulation in the National Constitution.

6.The Chapter will pay the Chapter and National Dues for one year for full-time teachers who are new to the profession of teaching German. New to the profession is defined as within the first three years of becoming a full-time or part-time German teacher.

IV. Officers:

1. The elected officers of the Chapter are a President, two Vice Presidents - one assending, 1st Vice President and one descending, 2nd Vice President-, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The President may also appoint other positions as needed.

2. These officers shall be elected at the Chapter's Fall Meeting of the calendar year before they are to take office on the basis of nominations made by a nominating committee and/or from the floor. The 1st Vice President ascends to the office of President, while the 2nd Vice President shall be the immediate past Presdietn of the organization, and they shall automatically assume office, thus assuring continuity within the chapter. The 1st Vice President shall be elected for a one-year period, and the Secretary and the Treasurer will be elected for a two-year period. The terms for President, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President are one year each. President, Vice Presidents, and Secretary-Treasurer shall take office immediatly upon being elected. The four top officers should be represented, when possible by at least two different academic levels. In the event that any officer cannot fulfill his/her term, a special election may be held.

3. Duties of Office
A. President
i. The Presdient will represent the chapter at the Annual AATG Presidents' Meeting or any meeting deemed necessary by the AATG national chapter.
ii.The President will present agendas for the meetings of the FATG Advisory Board and FATG business meetings and chair those meetings. The President shall either be a member of the Executive Board of the Florida Foreign Language Association or designate a representative.
iii.The President shall be responsible for the programs and shall arrange that the program announcements reach the Secretary in sufficient time to permit circulation to Chapter members.
iv. The 1st Vice President will appoint the chair of the Awards Committee (FATG Teach of the Year and National AATG Awards.)
B. 1st Vice President
i. The 1st Vice President will assume the aforementioned duties of the President in the absence of the President.
ii. The 1st Vice President will appoint the chair of the Awards Committee (FFLA Teacher of The Year and National AATG Awards.)
iii. The 1st Vice President will oversee the work of the committees.
iv. The 1st Vice President will be responsible for overseeing the planning of the following years' immerson activities, hel in January.
C. 2nd Vice President
i. The 2nd Vice President will be available to assist the President in his/her duties to ensure continuity.
ii. The 2nd Vice President will assist and guide the 1st Vice President in performing his/her duties.
iii. The 2nd Vice President will be available for chairing other committees.
iv. The 2nd Vice President shall apply for grant-funding from AATG or other sources.
D. Secretary
i. The Secretary will take minutes at the meetings, type the minutes, and distribute the minutes at the following meeting.
ii. The Secretary will be responsible for the mailings to the chapter membership.
iii. The Secretary will provice the national office a report of the chapter's activities once a year.
E. Treasurer
i. The Treasurer will be responsible for collecting, managing, and dispensing the funds of the chapter. This officer will prepare financial statements for the membership twice a year (Fall Meeting, Spring Meeting).
ii. The Treasurer will provide the national office a report of the chapter's activities once a year.
iii. The Tresasurer will be responsible for attracting members to the chapter; this officer will maintin and update membership lists, and will work closely with the Secretary.


*The administration of the Chapter shall be in the hands of hte FATG Advisory Board which consists of the officers provided in Section I and appointed members. Communication throughout the year should be made available to all FATG Advisory Board Members. As part of the status of German in Florida, members of the FATG Advisory Board should be aware of possible elimination and/or changes in German programs throughout the State of Florida. The FATG Advisory Board and/or the officers can create committees when deemed necessary. The following committees are necessary.
1. Membership
2. Nominating
3. Testing
4. Webmaster
5. Awards

VI. Meetings:

1. The Chaper shall meet at least two times each year, first int he Spring and in the Fall with the FFLA Conference. The time and place of the meeting shall be determined by the President after due consultation wiht the FATG Advisory Board.
2. The Chapter shall set aside funds of up to $400 for the FATG President's (or designee's) attendance at the Chapter Presidents' Meeting at ACTFL every year.

VII. Changes in the Constitution:

* The Constitution of the Chapter may be amended by a majority vote of mebers present at any regular meeting. Such amendment or amendments may be proposed by the FATG Advisory Board or by written notice to the FATG Advisory Board by at least four members of the Chapter no later than one month in advance of the meeting at which action is to be taken. The Secretary shall submit such proposed amendment or amendments to the membership at least three weeks prior to the time of hte final action.

VIII. By-Laws:
* By-Laws may be adopted or changed as deemed necessary in furthering the purpose of the FATG at any business meeting of the Chapter by the majority of members present and in good standing, provided that written notice of proposed changes is sent prior to such meeting. Upon approval the By-Laws shall become effective immediatly.

XI. Dissolution:
In case the Florida chapter ceases to exist, the funds or any monies or financial resources of FATG under the control of the Tresasurer of the Florida chapter, shall be send to the national AATG office.

Whit this dissolution clause, FATG at its regularly scheduled meeting up-dates its Constitution as of October 19th, 2012.