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Vice President: Margit Grieb

Secretary: Peggy Boekhout

Treasurer: Dr. Nancy Decker

Membership Chair: Melinda Zeliff


Achtung - Wir sind umgezogen.
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The American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) has greatly expanded their website. They created groups for every Teachers of German group in the United States. They made it easy for group administrators to post news, videos, photos, information and links. Members reading the site can also comment and interact. Each month our new FATG site generates a newsletter to all members. Members can also subscribe to the Florida blog and to any category in the Forum and receive updates as they occur.

This site is free for FATG to use, which saves our organization $240 per year.

Even non-member German teachers can read the AATG newsletter and amass helpful information.

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and much much more.

The deeper you delve into AATG and the more curious you are in exploring the many facets of the site, the more you will be very pleasantly surprised at the wealth of resources.

Keep your eyes open !
AATG is famous for helping teachers study German overseas or in the USA and travel to Germany with or without students.

AATG membership fees support German teachers at the national level and consequently support our students in their studies.

Finally the AATG is just a phone call away if any teacher has a question or concern or needs help. Don't think of the AATG as a website, rather as an organization run by people who will do everything they can to help YOU to become a more successful and confident German teacher.

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NEW: The AATG website has expanded to include the FATG.
Meet Anna Lohaus, 2014 FATG Teacher of the Year

FATG President Anna Lohaus is the Teacher of the Year 2014 Read more about Anna under the teacher photo on this page.

Read Anna's letter to you about the 15 February Sprachbad on the next page

Information about an Essay contest on the next page

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above: Florida teachers at FATG luncheon meeting, November 2013

Anna Lohaus, Teacher of the Year : Anna LoHaus PowerHaus is the current Präsidentin of the FATG. She teaches the first four semesters of German at Rollins College in Winter Park, has an active German club and is also one of the IT tech specialists in the media center. She continues to add many rooms to her Haus. She helped to create an app for learning Chinese and one to help students to keep eportfolios of their Spanish presentations and projects. She is currently working on an app for location based learning to enable students to learn hands-on on-location, to get away from books and to delve satisfyingly into real life to learn. Anna works as a blended learning consultant. She teaches teachers and professors to evaluate their syllabi to ensure that students' course grades reflect the full spectrum of their coursework including off site studies and community engagement in addition to time spent in class. Anna is also working on a writing project with exchange students to share their experiences so that US based students can read and live the exchanges vicariously.

Anna loves to infect students and teachers with the wonder of learning, the joy of working together, connecting and expanding out into the world. Anna Lohaus is energetic, full of spirit, positive and very enthusiastic about teaching, about life, about people and about all that she touches. Anna's love for her work and the messages that she has to share are very contagious. If you get infected, Anna will be happy to welcome you into her Lohaus Powerhouse for "treatment."

Gratulieren, Anna. Alles Gute for many fine years of teaching ahead.

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